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Business Meets Science

How We Do It

Data Quality

You may be able to perform better with less, more robust and higher content data to base your decisions upon. If the right data is not available - and often times, it's not - we structure and collect data that makes a difference. Without quality data, all the analysis and action that follows is biased and unreliable. It's important we get this part right!

Statistical Analysis

Elimination of error is likely the best opportunity for you to gain marketing efficiencies. While many view statistics as 'math', we see it as a way to ask questions of good data. It's not so mechanical, but art disguised as something that sounds scary. You'll be relieved, and excited, to learn how we think about the patterns in life and commerce.

Consultancy: Moving you up the learning curve

Conventional wisdoms are the path that leads you to the crowd. They also reveal  opportunities that others avoid. We often engage in mentoring, team building and knowledge transfer for clients who have been disappointed that their data scientists could not extract the guidance and advice from data. Our consultancy moves clients up the learning curve rapidly by first clarifying how we think about problems and about what we can do to benefit from the opportunities we reveal.