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What We Do

Millions of data points, organized naturally, reveal their purpose to those who can listen.

Evidence Based Problem Solving

“At present we’re snowed under with an irrational expansion of data gathering in the sciences because there’s no rational format for any understanding of scientific creativity.”

- Robert Pirsig, 

Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, 1974

So much data, we hear every day, yet so little information. Without a specific, constructive purpose to serve, data science is a fashion that is bound for failure.  Defining the problem is the hardest part, and data cannot solve a problem we can't measure. Since all data is not created equal, we qualify data by it's content, and we collect the right data if it's not already available.

Finding Patterns

Nobody, however rational or irrational, is unpredictable. Consumers and their institutions are governed by nature's laws, and there's little one can do to out-wit nature. We discover dependable patterns of behavior that form predictions and are implemented in the marketplace. Then, we evaluate how successful those patterns are in practice, and we update our predictions accordingly. Learning from experience, testing rival applications and understanding the environments they work best in...we copy the processes of the natural mind.

Personas, Behavioral Segmentation, Predictive Regression, Attitudinal Segments, all enable our clients a deep and actionable understanding of the drivers of demand, purchase and profit.

Optimizing Performance

Learning from our own experience is the only way we solve our own problems. We build a feedback loop that informs future action in a way that 'canned' solutions never can and never will. This is not Artificial's the real thing. We design the tests that help us understand causation, and learn as we increase efficiency and bottom line contribution.

“The real problem isn’t whether machines think, but whether men do.”

  - B. F. Skinner